Happy Sunday everyone

Hello everyone glad to be back from the mountains

was a wonderful experience :) 🐵

Hey Hey whats up everyone!

Just had sopa de res LOL

Manuel Chiquito
Changed profile picture.

Funny dogs lol

Ricardo De La Cerda Hi Manuel. did you know Dr Caroline Coile, canine research and writing Is also here in Chirp :)

Ricardo De La Cerda LOl good one

Manuel Chiquito
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Hi is anyone out there?

Ricardo De La Cerda Hello Dave see if you are getting this comment as email i just fix it. thank you

Manuel Chiquito
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these are my dogs, dawgs.

Ricardo De La Cerda Dr Carloline Coile of Canine research study is also here in chirp. http://www.carolinecoile.com/

Great food i had here


Glad to know user points will be ad on soon as far as i know if the user posts comments,pics, videos,ets he gets points then he gets rewarding for doing so I Like.