Ricardo De La Cerda

ITS MONDAY!! wishing you all the best

ES LUNES!! Les deseo a todos lo mejor

new Washington dc taxi app

works same as uber app

i created this to help taxi drivers in washington dc.

nueva aplicaciĆ³n de taxi en Washington DC

funciona igual que la aplicaciĆ³n uber

He creado esto para ayudar a los taxistas en Washington DC.

Money comes to me!!\


Dinero biene a mi!!

Thanks God its friday!!

Gracias Dios ya es viernes!!

Chirp Social Network went live on june 18 of this year and we are still on the news thanks to all who are here it takes a while to get costume to new stuff but soon you'll get it.

Back memories!!

Memorias de antes!!

Its Tuesday!!

Ya es Maertes!!

Happy Monday everyone!!

Feliz Lunes a todos!! 😍

Happy Sunday everyone!!

Feliz domingo a todos!!